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10W Solar Battery Charger Panel for Smartphones

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Our Sunpower solar charger has a high efficiency conversion rate, so it can capture more sunlight than conventional solar panels, and does not need much sunlight to charge items. The transformation efficiency is up to 22%-25%, while most of the similar products on the market is 15% or even lower.

* iSolar Technology, delivers the fastest charge
It can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power, delivering its fastest possible current up to 1.6Amp per port.
* Portable and lightweight design
Compact size design for portability (size as B5 paper), with a free hook, you cant hang it on your bag when outdoors. It folds down into an small package and weighs in at less than a pound, thereby adding minimal weight and size to your pack.
* Travel Ready
Although it can not be used in raining days due to the lack of sun, the solar charger is water resistant and rugged enough to withstand most environment conditions in the wild.
* Wide compatibility
USB Port: iPad mini, tablet, iPhone, Samsung, Blackberry, bluetooth headset, ipod digital products and any other 5V USB devices

Features: * Exclusive iSolar and Fast Charging Technology: It can automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power,delivering its fastest possible current up to 1.6Amps * High Efficiency: 10W sunpower solar cell is made from US, up to 22%-25% efficiency, while most panels in the market are 15% efficiency or even lower * Single-USB power: 10 watt monocrystalline PET solar panel provides enough power to charge one device at a time * Highly Portable: Compact size(465x265x3mm folded or 270x170x10mm unfold,300g) and convenient eyeholes enable easy attachment to backpacks while hiking; PET laminated sunpower panels sewn into high-wear PVC fabric for weather-resistant outdoor durability * Package Contents: ALLPOWERS 10W Foldable Solar Charger, carabiner, micro USB cable, instruction manual Specification: * Solar panel peak power: 10W * Transformation efficiency : 22%-25% * Total Output: 5V1.6A * Fold: 270x170x10mm * Open: 465x265x3mm * Weight: 300g Warranty: One year product guarantee from ALLPOWERS

1USB 1USB 2USB 2USB 2USB 2USB 2USB 2USB 1USB+1DC 1USB+1DC 1USB+1DC Car solar battery charger
Output(Max) 5V1A 5V1.6A 5V1.5A 5V2A 5V2.1A 5V2A 5V2.5A 5V2.4A DC:18V770mA
17-19% 22-25% 17-19% 22-25% 22-25% 17-19% 22-25% 22-25% 17-19% 17-19% 22-25% 17-19%
232x160x6 270x170x10 232x160x10 306x182x10 270x170x20 232x160x13 232x160x13 306x182x15 232x160x13 232x170x30 310*190*65 320x120x5
467x232x3 465x265x3 645x232x3 410x306x3 635x265x3 800x232x3 800x232x3 592x306x3 800x232x3 895x460x3 1140x600x50
Weight(Kg) 0.33 0.3 0.51 0.48 0.43 0.62 0.5 0.61 0.63 1.16 1.36 0.323
Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 27 x 17 x 1 in
Brand Name:


Number of Cells:

2 solar panels

Nominal Capacity:


Model Number:



465*265*3mm (Open); 270x170x10mm(Fold)

Max. Power:

5v 1.6A (max)




sunpower solar panel

Transformation efficiency:



cellphone smartphone tablet and more 5V devices


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