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July 29, 2017
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Laser Bicycle Rear Tail Light Safety Projector


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Shockproof and waterproof design

This amazing laser projector casts a bike logo safety image to the front or rear (depending on mounting position) of your bicycle to warn motorists and others of your presence. The outewr boundary lines also paint a border image to significantly increase your visibility and create a visual border that has been proven to “repel” motorists further away from you and your bike than they would without the visual clue.

Intelligent control chip, build-in ultra-sensitive detection elements.

Laser beams design – high-profile and cannot be ignored.

LED indicators and laser beams can operate simultaneously, very eye-catching!

Comes with an adjustable clamp, so it’s easy to install and remove.


Powered By: 2*AAA Battery (Not Included)




1 review for Laser Bicycle Rear Tail Light Safety Projector

  1. This thing saved my life TWICE. Ordered another one for the front of my bike.

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